Our Services

Deep Cleaning

We provide standard and customised deep cleaning services to our clients as per their needs and requirements.

Sofa Cleaning

  • We use clean machines and brush while deep cleaning of sofa, and deep stains which cannot be removed become more clear since the adjacent area of fabric is cleaned. This is a natural phenomenon. Cleaning machines don’t use any oil / grease for their function, hence, stains do not occur due to cleaning.

Carpet Cleaning

Our carpet cleaners treat carpets using the most efficient and thorough method Our deep clean method results in refreshed carpets for a long time We use cutting-edge professional sofa cleaning equipment from leading manufacturers in the industry, such as Karcher.

Hourly Cleaning Services

  • Our professional female Filipino cleaners can provide the following services:
  • Laundry services
  • House cleaning
  • Kitchen cleaning
  • Setting up closet
  • Setting up Beds / sofas, etc.
  • Domestic cleaning
  • Ironing
  • Oven / Fridge cleaning
  • Domestic help
  • Vacuuming
  • Dusting / Mopping, etc.

Custom services.

Swimming pool cleaning and maintenance

Why Deep Cleaning?

  • We usually dust and clean the accessible portion of the furniture, however, do you know that if remote areas are not cleaned, what remains in those areas?
    • • Body grease, skin cells, microorganisms
    • • Dust & dirt particles
    • • Stains of the left over food or other products
    • • Dust mites, viruses, bacteria, allergens find this as living space
  • This affects indoor air quality & health environment
  • Maintains a hygienic and pleasant working environment
  • Controls the spread of viruses and infections
  • Clears the clutter and dust
  • Cleans every nook and corner leaving it germs and bacteria free