Sofa Cleaning

Sofa will be deep cleaned using 2 methods: Brushing and Shampooing by machine

Note: While trying to remove stains, old stains & rigid stains don’t completely vanish.

    • Chemicals used: Fabric detergent, Softener & Vanish, no harsh chemicals used.
    • Note: While cleaning, water spillage on adjacent areas will be minimum but not completely zero
    • Client or one of the representatives will be informed if there’s an existing damage / defect found prior cleaning or while cleaning
    • It is also client’s / representative’s responsibility to inform of any such damage/defects beforehand.
    • Our team is professionally trained on Deep Cleaning and we take proud that we have number of clients testifying the same.
    • We undertake fabric sofa deep cleaning only.
    • While cleaning there are instances where sofa’s internal material gets wet and it leaves stains on fabric and those stains show up in different areas. This is a natural phenomenon. We do not take responsibility for the internal material leaving stains on outer fabric.
  • Note: We use clean machines and brush while deep cleaning of sofa, and deep stains which cannot be removed become more clear since the adjacent area of fabric is cleaned. This is a natural phenomenon. Cleaning machines don’t use any oil / grease for their function, hence, stains do not occur due to cleaning.

Hope you understand that we wish to provide you best of our services and in doing so we may set out some guidelines based on our previous experience with our past clients. Hope to get your support and we assure to provide you best of our services.